AIX 5.2 Authentication and Administration

Warren Bailey warba at
Wed Jan 18 18:39:44 EST 2006

I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge on this subject;

We use Windows 2003/Active Directory and require to authenticate
userid/passwords from an AIX 5.2 server; all within same domain/realm.

Basically, providing the same functionality you would find in the login
portion of a ssh client (ask for userid and password, authenticate;
possibly notify that password has expired, etc. - very basic). The
software that prompts for a userid/password is of our own creation -
basically we need to authenticate a user against the Active Directory
domain and provide basic password administration functions.

I have API documentation for IBM's Kerberos implementation, so
understand basics of kadm5_init_with_password, kadm5_chpass_principal,
etc. but don't understand enough of Kerberos API to put it all together,
details of structs, flags, etc..

Any information/direction that anyone could provide re: documentation,
examples, resources or even contractors, etc. that might be able to
assist would be very much appreciated. 


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