krb5_encrpyt_block freeing

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 4 16:50:08 EST 2006

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Moore <paul.moore at> writes:

    Paul> Krb5_init_keyblock has a required length parameter
    Paul> -----Original Message----- From: Ken Hornstein
    Paul> [mailto:kenh at] Sent: Friday, December 30,
    Paul> 2005 8:16 AM To: Paul Moore; krbdev at Subject: Re:
    Paul> krb5_encrpyt_block freeing

Hmm, this definitely sounds like I did not think something through completely.

Would you mind describing the data flow where you want to init a
keyblock but don't ye.t know the length?  This sounds like we have an
API design error we need to fix.


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