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On Feb 23,  9:37pm, Sam Hartman wrote:
} Subject: Re: SASL/GSSAPI bind in LDAP plugin?

> >>>>> "greg" == greg  <greg at> writes:
>     greg> I find it mystifying that anyone following this thread would conclude
>     greg> this process is simplifying anything.
>     greg> Identity (directory) stores and authentication stores are and should
>     greg> be separate data repositories.  Combining the two is a wrong-headed
>     greg> approach, IMHO.

> For most environments I tend to agree with you.
> I think that LDAP should be used as an admin protocol but not as a
> database storage protocol.
> The world, prompted by Microsoft's design choices, seems to disagree.

Which is indeed tragic.

All of this will go down in history though.

First for underscoring the weakness of Open-Source and secondly as a
collosal blunder by the 'illuminata' who supposedly were championing

> --Sam

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