host-based princname canon (Re: Null realms and servers)

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 20 15:26:49 EST 2006

On Dec 20, 2006, at 13:04, Nicolas Williams wrote:
> An algorithm for hostname canonicalization in krb5_get_credentials()
> with search lists but w/o DNS:
>     for (domain in searchlist) {
> 	if (get_svc_ticket(fqdn = short_form_hostname || '.' || domain))
> 	    return (fqdn);
>     }
>     return (short_form_hostname || '.' || searchlist[0]);

So if the name exists in multiple domains in the search list, the  
result here depends on whether the service in question is available  
on any of those hosts.  Or do you want to try something common like  
"host" for hostname resolution, and then go back and try to get the  
service ticket?


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