Kerberos 4 Dll's

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Tue Dec 19 15:30:13 EST 2006

llarson wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm currently working on the SIS/MITSIS Migration and I have a 
> Powerbuilder application that seems to be using kerberos 4.
> We received dll's from someone who is no longer with MIT and I don't 
> know anything about where the source may be.
> There are 2 dll's in question with this application.
> mitid32v20.dll
> krbv4w32.dll
> If you have any information on these it would be great to hear from you.
> Is there a way to rebuild the mitid32v20.dll with kerberos 5?
> Thanks

I have no idea what mitid32v20.dll is but krbv4w32.dll is the
Kerberos v4 implementation distributed with MIT Kerberos for Windows

Jeffrey Altman
Secure Endpoints Inc.
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