Delay in Kerberos 1.6 release

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 18 17:53:13 EST 2006


We were planning to release krb5 1.6 today.  However we've had two
issues that will cause us to need to issue another beta.

The first is a bug in preauth handling with edata is received and
there is not currently a list of patypes.

The second is the bug I discussed with application servers and

For this release we're going to implement fallback to default realm in
the keytab code.  We may revisit the question of whether a null realm
is appropriate in a future release.  We may also revisit whether
default_realm is better than the fallback to the old behavior.  At
least in the case of principals resulting from krb5_sname_to_principal
we could reasonably easily implement the old behavior.  However we
believe that default_realm may actually work better as a fallback than
the old behavior so we're going to try that and see how well it works.

Unfortunately, the release is going to be delayed a bit more than I'd
like because of the holidays and because of a few things going on here
at MIT.  So expect something around January 9.


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