Null realms and servers

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 15 18:38:55 EST 2006

Folks, I noticed a behavior change in 1.6 and I want to discuss it.

In previous versions, you end up calling krb5_sname_to_principal
(probably via gss_import_name) on the server to construct the
principal to look up in the keytab.  If you have a domain_to_realm
mapping that is used to determine the realm.  If not, then the domain
name is upper cased and treated as a realm.

However the behavior of sname_to_principal changed in 1.6.  IF there
is no domain realm mapping, then it returns a null realm.  The code
that gets a ticket from the KDC uses this as a trigger to start at the
client's realm.

However the keytab code is not changed.  So if your service is missing
a domain_realm entry, it will not find its keys.

First, is it acceptable to release 1.6 in this stae.  My gut feeling
is that we will need to document the bug, but it is acceptable.  It's
not great and we want to fix it.

I'm also not sure what the fix is.  One option would be to match any
realm if you get a null realm principal in the keytab code.  I dislike
this option a lot even though I think Doug would like it.  The problem
is that you get behavior that might encourage some people to remove
domain_realm mappings.

Another option is to match against the default realm in the keytab
code if you get a null principal.  This provides a change in behavior
over previous versions but is probably the best compromise.

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