LDAP backend discussion

Luke Howard lukeh at padl.com
Thu Aug 10 03:39:50 EDT 2006

>4) Migration and kdb5_util support
>We agreed that it is desirable for kdb5_util to work against LDAP.
>Sun wants to be able to dump a database, change the backend
>configuration and then load that database into LDAP.  We agreed this
>is desirable.  This requires implementing the LDAP create DAL
>operation as well as removing kdb5_util db2 dependencies.

One thing I added for another application was a generic db_invoke

    (*db_invoke) ( krb5_context context,
                   unsigned int method,
                   const krb5_data *req,
                   krb5_data *rep );

It is useful for adding backend-specific SPI without changing the

-- Luke


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