Patch to procedures.txt describing how to run the test suite

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Mon Aug 7 23:31:21 EDT 2006

Sam Hartman <hartmans at MIT.EDU> writes:

> This text looks good.  However I'd recommend putting it in the build
> texinfo docs rather than procedures.txt.

How about this?

Index: build.texinfo
--- build.texinfo	(revision 18327)
+++ build.texinfo	(working copy)
@@ -387,6 +387,29 @@
 % make check
 @end example
+However, there are several prerequisites that must be satisfied first:
+ at itemize @bullet
+ at item
+Configure and build Kerberos with Tcl support.  Tcl is used to drive the
+test suite.  This often means passing @code{--with-tcl} to configure to
+tell it the location of the Tcl configuration script.  (See
+ at xref{Options to Configure}.)
+ at item
+You have to run @samp{make install} before running @samp{make check}, or
+the test suite will often pick up the installed version of Kerberos
+rather than the newly built one.  You can install into a prefix that
+isn't in the system library search path, though.  This theoretically
+could be fixed with the appropriate environment variable magic in the
+test suite, but hasn't been yet.
+ at item
+In order to test the RPC layer, the local system has to be running the
+ at command{portmap} daemon and it has to be listening to the regular
+network interface (not just localhost).
+ at end itemize
 * The DejaGnu Tests::           
 * The KADM5 Tests::             

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