An alternative plan for principal mapping

S Rahul srahul at
Thu Aug 3 05:53:30 EDT 2006


Sam Hartman wrote:
> I question whether it is true that adding an auxiliary class to a
> directory object should have the same semantic meaning as adding a
> link.  I understand you believe the answer is yes.  My best guess from
> a data modeling standpoint is that these operations have different
> semantic meaning: linking implies a more distant relationship.  So it
> would be inappropriate for the plugin to treat  them the same.

I think that adding an auxiliary class to a directory object has the
same semantic meaning as adding a link *from the KDC's point from view*
... not from the directory point of view.

 From the KDC's point of view, if a user has two principals, they must be
handled uniformly. So, KDC should treat a user's principal created using
auxiliary class in the same way as a separate object linked to the user.

>     Rahul> Hi,
>     >> I don't see why the DAL plugin needs to handle links from
>     >> kerberos principals to other objects.  It seems better to move
>     >> that handling into the code that understands the other objects
>     >> and better understands the information model of the directory.
>     >> Kerberos could at best maintain such links, but Kerberos is
>     >> going to be no better at maintaining the links that something
>     >> else.  And if such links are useful, it is clear you have a
>     >> something else.
>     Rahul> A link between a Kerberos principal object and a directory
>     Rahul> user object is needed for two reasons.  1. The KDC should
>     Rahul> apply the user's login policies and password policies to
>     Rahul> the principal.  2. When the principal authenticates to a
>     Rahul> service, the service will use the link to find which user
>     Rahul> the principal belongs to and grant appropriate access.
>     Rahul> Since it is the KDC which needs the link (reason 1 above),
> Do reason 1 and 2 actually require the same type of link?

I think both 1 and 2 require the same type of link. Please explain why
you think otherwise.

> Also, I believe that Luke's question needs to be answered: how can we
> accomplish 1 in a portable manner?

Yes. We have to decide on how to do it. But I think the link will be
required (for the second principal on the user) immaterial of how we
decide to enforce the user's policy on the principal.


-Rahul S.

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