Doing away with changelogs

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz at
Wed Apr 19 17:03:43 EDT 2006

On Wednesday, April 19, 2006 04:45:47 PM -0400 Ken Raeburn 
<raeburn at MIT.EDU> wrote:

>> What is useful is a description of the code change, just as one
>> would write for a commit message.
>> Really, that's all we're asking for.  But people keep interpreting
>> that
>> request as needing to do some complex task involving integration
>> with bug
>> databases and manual massaging for each release.
> Does that mean we should just have this log include the "clean up
> whitespace" and "fix typo in comment" and "run 'make depend' again"  and
> "oops, back out the part of that change I didn't mean to check  in"
> messages that inevitably wind up in such a list?

Some people edit those things out, but that takes effort.  IMHO, a 
ChangeLog on which that effort has not been expended is orders of magnitude 
better than none at all.

-- Jeff

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