ccache using linux Keyrings

Wachdorf, Daniel R drwachd at
Wed Apr 12 15:30:03 EDT 2006

There is still the issue to resolve of when krb5_cc_active gets set.
Should it point to the first credentials cache made - then only move
with a kswitch (or other type of external command?)


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On 4/12/06, Sam Hartman <hartmans at> wrote:
> >>>>> "Wachdorf," == Wachdorf, Daniel R <drwachd at> writes:
>     Wachdorf,> I think there might be a little bit different idea that
>     Wachdorf,> works just as well.  Have the ability to specify the
>     Wachdorf,> active cache on a thread/process/session level
>     Wachdorf,> (keyring), then leave all the credentials in the
>     Wachdorf,> session keyring.  This would make the requirements:
> Works for me.

Yes, me too.  I'm going to work on changes that make this assumption.

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