Doing away with changelogs

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 7 16:13:02 EDT 2006

Folks, as we have been using Subversion and branches more, we've been determining that ChangeLog files are hard to deal with in the following ways:

* It is hard to merge them to/from branches
* Outside developers tend not to update them
* They tend to repeat a lot of information in subversion logs.

Ken and I would like to consider the possibility of dropping all the
ChangeLog files from the trunk.  If we do this we'd need to make sure
that merges contained enough log information that you know what has
changed.  In particular, if you merge something onto a branch, you
would want to include the subversion log of the things you are
merging.  Similarly if you merge a bunch of development onto the
trunk, include a possibly edited version of that information in the
subversion log on the trunk.

I'd like to seek comments on this proposal.


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