Problems connecting to Solaris 10 SSH from GSSAPI-keyexpatchedOpenssh 4.2p1

Simon Wilkinson simon at
Mon Sep 26 11:34:22 EDT 2005

Rob See wrote:
>     I'm having problems connecting to Solaris 10 SSH from Openssh 4.2p1
> patched with Simon Wilkinson's gssapi-keyex patch or the Globus GSSAPI
> patch. Openssh is compiled against kerberos 1.4.2. The connections fail
> if I have a current kerberos ticket. The stock Openssh connects ok, but
> the ticket doesn't get passed from one machine to another. Below are the
> Openssh Client logs and the Solaris SSH Server logs. Does anyone have
> any suggestions on how I might get this working  ?

There's a bug in my patches in the way they handle a server sending the
(optional) hostkey message during key exchange. This is fixed, along
with assorted other bugs and issues in the key exchange code, in my
updated patches for 4.2p1.



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