Fixed clock offset parameter in krb.conf

Alex Dubov oakad at
Sun Sep 25 11:48:56 EDT 2005

Hello everybody.
By the twist of faith I have to integrate a linux
server into few kerberos realms (windows based -
timestamps are in local time), of which one is in
different time zone and other has incorrect timezone
info, which is impossible for me to change (frequent
case in Israel). 
So I though - may be it is possible to add a per-realm
fixed time offset parameter into krb5.conf to solve
this problem (similar parameter exists in samba 3).
I want to alter in_clock_skew macro by adding a
"timeoffset" field to the krb5_context structure and
subtracting it appropriately.
Yet I have few questions:
1. what else I have to alter to make a correct
2. Can I have per-realm entries in krb5_context (I
only looked at init_common() by now and there are no
3. Will this functionality be interesting to other
kerberos users? I know it is conceptually wrong to do
such things, but time offset problems are very
frequent and must be somehow addressed.
4. If something like this had been done already It
will be nice to know about it.


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