Case insensitive names (was Re: Turning off hostnamecanonicalisation)

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>On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 14:59 -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
>> >>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at> writes:
>>     Nicolas> The proposed set/change password version 2 protocol deals
>>     Nicolas> with principal aliasing...
>> It requires that the KDC be able to enumerate all the principals that
>> a particular service can be known as.  That is not compatible with
>> case insensitive keytabs in an interoperable manner.
>I don't get this.  If the KDC knows that it is case insensitve, then why
>can't it just include an extra boolean to the effect of 'and all case
>variations of the above'?  The set/change password isn't RFC yet, right?
>And why can't we have a similar flag in a keytab entry?
>It seems to me that current sites using unix kerberos are jumping though
>some very high hoops to avoid this kind of extension.  Likewise, it is
>forcing applications (such as Samba3) to manually enumerates all entries
>in a keytab to implement such a behaviour.

I would think you could do the same as MS. Have only one RC4 key (e.g 
host/fqdn) and dynamically create
others you need (Assuming they all belong to the same AD entry)
If you look at ktutil which has the add_entry function (e.g. 
add_entry -key -p CIFS/HOSTname -k 1 -e RC4  and
then use the host/fqdn key you get from klist -ekK as input)  you create a 
CIFS/HOSTname keytab entry. You only need to add this code into samba3.

>Now, for Samba4 I can just hack more stuff into a custom kerberos lib,
>and pretend these problems don't exist in a broader world.  However, I
>know this isn't popular, and I've promised to at least try and
>transition to system libs eventually.  Even if Samba4 never does, I
>would really like other services to be able to provide kerberos logins
>to windows clients, without major pain, or rewriting the apps, or
>telling users 'just recompile and statically link against
>(I already have this issue coming up to my plate soon, as I try to
>understand how GSS-TSIG and BIND 9 will fit into Samba4's AD-like
>environment.  Given advise on these lists before, I don't want to
>include a custom BIND if I don't have to...).
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