Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 9 17:13:33 EDT 2005

On Sep 2, 2005, at 16:25, Marc Aurele La France wrote:
>   Directory src/config:
>     * shlib.conf (case *-*-aix5.3*):  Generate proper shared libraries
>     acceptable to dlopen(3) (as in mechglue, for example).  Allows for
>     building both shared and static libraries in one run.  Only  
> done for
>     AIX 5.3, but probably should be done for earlier versions.

I just ran some tests to be sure: Under AIX 4.3.3, the linker does  
not appear to look for libfoo.so, so the shared libraries generated  
would not be useable that way.  It does seem like the most convenient  
way to build modules for use by dlopen, though.

>   Directory src/tests/resolve:
>     * Makefile.in:  Build addrinfo-test.
>     * addrinfo-test.c (main):  'numeric' -> 'numerichost';  Add -n  
> option
>       to set AI_NUMERICSERV (if available);  print usage message  
> when no
>       arguments are given.

This looks good.  I had to fix up a couple minor things (like, you  
added a no-argument invocation of addrinfo-test to the "make check"  
rule, but with no arguments it prints a message and exits with a non- 
zero status).  I've also set it up to build a version of addrinfo- 
test that uses the fake-getaddrinfo support, for additional testing.

> It should be noted that, independently of these changes, the  
> current snapshot does not build with --enable-static (primarily due  
> to src/lib/kdb/kdb5.c's compilation with _KDB5_STATIC_LINK  
> #define'd).  I realise that this is a consequence of your on-going  
> integration of Novell's changes and have elected not to interfere  
> with that process, i.e. my "fix" is too specific to the way I've  
> built krb5-current (and is not needed for an official release anyway).

Yep, static builds are a problem right now.  I'm leaning towards  
having the kdb library do the dlopen bit even for static builds; that  
keeps some other things much more consistent.  Making our testing  
scripts work again for shared-library builds is higher priority, though.


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