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Thu Sep 8 17:59:26 EDT 2005

On Sep 8, 2005, at 9:02 AM, krbdev-request at wrote:

>     Will> And if the admin is trying to limit the skey enctypes for a
>     Will> particular service on a particular system, are they supposed
>     Will> to use the permitted_enctypes krb5.conf parameter?  If so,
>     Will> doesn't this affect all services on that system?
> Yes.  We have not seen a customer need to limit enctypes on a
> per-service (instead of per-system) basis.
> Certainly any policy on what the service will accept needs to be
> validated at the service.

Example:  Solaris 9 machine.

Need des-cbc-{crc,md5} only for host/machine for compatibility with  
built-in Kerberos.

Want rc4/des3/aes for HTTP/machine because it's using independent  
(MIT/Heimdal) libraries.

Want rc4/des3/aes for host/machine also for OpenSSH, but I can't  
exactly do this, can I?

I have a hard time imagining the session key having different  
restrictions than the service key, but maybe the above SSH example  
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