Marc Aurele La France tsi at ualberta.ca
Fri Sep 2 16:25:23 EDT 2005


The attached are changes I needed for AIX 5.3.  I attach a patch against 
1.4.2 and one against the current snapshot (dated 2005.08.24).

The changes against 1.4.2 are as follows.

   Directory src/config:

     * shlib.conf (case *-*-aix5.3*):  Generate proper shared libraries
     acceptable to dlopen(3) (as in mechglue, for example).  Allows for
     building both shared and static libraries in one run.  Only done for
     AIX 5.3, but probably should be done for earlier versions.

   Directory src/include:

     * fake_addrinfo.h (getaddrinfo):  AI_NEMERICSERV fix for AIX.
     * k5-thread.h:  Turn off DEBUG_THREADS and DEBUG_THREADS_LOC.

   Directory src/tests/resolve:

     * Makefile.in:  Build addrinfo-test.
     * addrinfo-test.c (main):  'numeric' -> 'numerichost';  Add -n option
       to set AI_NUMERICSERV (if available);  print usage message when no
       arguments are given.

The diff against the current snapshot, generated as a courtesy, is similar, 
except for ...

   - the k5-thread.h change isn't included;
   - the fake_addrinfo.h change is moved to util/support/fake-addrinfo.c.

It should be noted that, independently of these changes, the current snapshot 
does not build with --enable-static (primarily due to src/lib/kdb/kdb5.c's 
compilation with _KDB5_STATIC_LINK #define'd).  I realise that this is a 
consequence of your on-going integration of Novell's changes and have elected 
not to interfere with that process, i.e. my "fix" is too specific to the way 
I've built krb5-current (and is not needed for an official release anyway).



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