gss_acquire_cred with GSS_C_BOTH usage option

Moore, Patrick pcmoore at
Mon Oct 3 17:57:04 EDT 2005

My reading of RFC1964, where it says . . .

   "However, when the Kerberos 5 mechanism attempts to obtain initiating
   credentials for a service principal which are not available in a
   credentials cache, and the key for that service principal is
   available in a Kerberos 5 key table, the mechanism should use the
   service key to obtain initiating credentials for that service."

... implies that Heimdal has the right approach.

What we sometimes do here as a workaround is run a cron job or a
background process that continually acquires a cred cache from a keytab.
Then our keytab-based gssapi initiators work when asking for an
'initiator' or 'both' cred. 

>>sam> I see your point and I agree the Heimdal behavior is useful in
>>sam> case you describe.
>>sam> However it seems to violate the principle of least surprise.  If
>>sam> change my application to start requesting initiator credentials
>>sam> instead of both credentials then initiator credentials can stop
>>sam> working if I don't have a current cache.

nathan> Actually with Heimdal's code I don't think it will since it
tries to
nathan> fall back to the keytab whether you ask for initiator creds or
nathan> both.  The application should still behave the same. 
>>sam> I'm not sure how to resolve these requirements.
>>sam> --Sam

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