Application server to be configured with KDC for Server Authentication

Surendra Babu suri987 at
Tue Nov 29 01:48:10 EST 2005

Hi Team,

I am working on Server Authentication feature of
Kerbeors. Could you please give the following

1. I am working on Server Authentication feature for
sending a mail. Before sending a mail, I will send the
KDC's Service Tkt to SMTP server (Kerborised SMTP
Server). The SMTP server will verify the Authenticator
and service tkt information and gives the
authentication response either SUCCESS of FAILURE.
Thats my requirement.

2. I got the service tkt after the following
operations: TGS_REQ, TGS_REP. I am trying to send the
same information to SMTP server. Should the kerberos
(KDC) server address to be configured in SMTP Server?
I am not successding in getting the response from SMTP
Server. SMTP seerver is saying: "ESMTP_Auth returned

3. Should I configure the KDC server address and
details in kerborised SMTP Server? So that, SMTP
Serevr will know the KDC server address  details and
checks the authentication infoemation? Is it required
to configure the KDC server address in SMTP Serever?
If so, where Should I configure? I am using Windows
SMTP Server. It supports Kerbeors (GSSAPI auth

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you,

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