Any Kerborised ESMTP Servers avaliable in NET to test the Server Authentication feature?

Surendra Babu suri987 at
Thu Nov 24 08:03:10 EST 2005


#1. Any Kerborised ESMTP Servers avaliable in NET? I
am working on Kerbeors Server Authentiocation
mechanism with ESMTP Server. I am ready with the
Kerberos client code to test the Server
Authentication. Please let me know if you know any
Kerbosized ESMTP Server?

#2. One question regarding the Server Authentication
feature with ESMTP Sevver. Let us say, 3 and 4
transactions are done and I got the Service Tkt from
KDC. After that I will send that pkt to ESMTP Server
(Application Server). What response will I expect from
the ESMTP Server? If Authentication successful, it
will send SUCCESS message. I am bit hazy about this
operation. Please let me know your thoughts. 

Thank you.

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