How to form the TGS-REQ pkt without hostname (with only IPADDRESS)?

Surendra Babu suri987 at
Thu Nov 24 04:30:29 EST 2005


I am seeing some problem in forming the TGS request
packet with krb5_parse_name() function while parsing
the Principal (with IPADDRESS not with hostname).

In detail:

1. To form the TGS request packet, I need to call the
krb5_parse_name() function to form the pricipal
For this I need to pass the KDC server's principal
name as second parameter.

Prototype for krb5_parse_name() function is:
krb5_parse_name(krb5_context context, const char
*name, krb5_principal *nprincipal);

2. For the above fucntion, I need to pass the second
parameter as principal name:
that means: host/<KDC HOSTNAME>@REALM
example: host/ at XXDOMAIN.COM

3. If I pass the above principle name with hostname,
then only the TGS packet is built correctly. Otherwise
it is not building the TGS packet.

4. If I pass the IP Address in Principal name, (like
ex: host/ at XXDOMAIN.COM), the packet is not
built, failing. If user gives the IP Address instead
of hostname, how to form the packet? What parameters
to be passed to krb5_parse_name() for IPA ddress case?
(DNS server is not configured and IP ADDRESS is only
avaliable, how to form the TGS request packet?)

5. How can we form the principal name with out
hostname (Only available thing is IPADDRESS and no DNS
Server configured)

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.


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