TGS_REP message gives error due to '0x7e' at the first. Reason?

Surendra Babu suri987 at
Wed Nov 23 10:19:54 EST 2005

Hi Kerberos Dev Team,

I need a clarification on Kerberos protocol.
- User Auth is done.
- After receiving the TGT from KDC server, Kerberos
client should send the Service Tkt request to KDC
server (TGS_REQ)
- The KDC provides the Service tkt to kerberos client.
- The Kerberos client will use the same Service Tkt
while contacting with the Application Server. and
verifies the Server authetication.
These are the steps. Fine?
My question is:
1. While sending the TGS_REQ to KDC, kerberos client
will form Application Server information? I think
don't need to send the Applucation Server information.
2. KDC reply of TGS_REP will hold any Application
Server information? ???
3. I am seeing error in decoding the TGS_REP message.
The TGS_REP reply message is:
0x7e 0x62 0x30 0x60 0xa0 0x 3 0x 2 0x 1 0x 5 0xa1 0x 3
0x 2 0x 1 0x1e 0xa4 0x11
0x18 0x f 0x32 0x30
         SA: krb5_Send_TGS() Failed ...!!!!!!
Since the first message is 0x7e, it is failing. becsue
of the following macro verification
#define krb5_is_krb_error(dat)\
 ((dat) && (dat)->length && ((dat)->data[0] == 0x7e
        (dat)->data[0] == 0x5e))
Could you please let me know what could be the

Thank you,

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