"REGISTRY" back-end for profile info

Joseph Calzaretta saltine at MIT.EDU
Tue Nov 22 11:48:19 EST 2005

At 11:22 AM 11/22/2005, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>"REGISTRY:" (for Windows)

Hey, now that you mention it... what should this format look like in the 
Windows registry?  On the face of it, I would think that there's a 
straightforward mapping:

krb5.conf               =>      Windows registry
section names           =>      keys
subsection names        =>      subkeys
relation tags           =>      value names
relation values         =>      value data (REG_MULTI_SZ to support 
multiple ordered realtion values like "kdc=x", "kdc=y"...)

but how much more complicated is it than that?   On first blush I could 
expect issues like collisions due to registy keys and value names being 
case-insensitive.  Plus the fact that registry keys and value names are 
sorted, so order cannot be preserved except at the leaves (with 
REG_MULTI_SZ).  Does that wreak havoc with [capaths]?  Or is the only truly 
order-dependent stuff at the leaves?

And is there a Windows Vista registry format for Kerberos already out there 
somewhere we need to support?


Joe Calzaretta
Software Development & Integration Team
MIT Information Services & Technology

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