How to add the principal to KDC server?(which directory and what cmds)?

Surendra Babu suri987 at
Mon Nov 14 05:04:57 EST 2005

Hi KrbDev Team,

I am facing some issue in adding the Pricipal name to
my KDC server. I am running the KDC with Linux

I lost my login name and passwrod to for
authentication. So i need to create a new login name
and password. (New princopal).  But I Do not know how
to add add the principal.

I know one thing: Go to the kadmin directory and
execute some principal add commands.

BUt I am not seeing the kadmin directory. 

Sould somebosy let meknow the precedure to add the
pricipal name? (List of commands i need and where to

Thank you for the information in advance,

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