RLOGIN Assistance

Jason Phillips jasonp at cpsinet.com
Wed May 25 16:10:43 EDT 2005

Hello!  I am trying desperatrely to Kerberize our custom RLogin client.  
We are using klogind on our unix systems and hope to convert our rlogin 
client to use Kerberos V5 for SSO functionality with our Windows 2000 
domain.  I have reached a point where I can use Columbia U's Kermit 95 
with k5login protocol and connect perfectectly using KRB5.  However, my 
simple rlogin test client cannot connect.  I constantly fail calling 
krb5_sendauth, returning KRB5_SENDAUTH_BADAUTHVERS.  Is there any 
assistance you can provide perhaps enumerating which function calls I 
need to create a Windows RLogin kerberos 5 client or a working windows 
rlogin client source?

Jason Phillips
jasonp at cpsinet.com

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