Change in K4 ticket cache format

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue May 17 22:37:47 EDT 2005

Jeffrey Hutzelman <jhutz at> writes:

> Well, when I say "proposal", of course I mean "running code I wrote
> months ago and have deployed".  See, we're starting to support Linux on
> x86_64, and wanted things we built against kth-krb4 to interoperate with
> the vendor's existing 32- and 64-bit krb4 libraries.

Gee, that sounds remarkably similar to how I ran into this problem again!

> Take a look at /afs/

Ew.  :)  But neat, too.

Where I'm at with this at the moment is that I only care about
compatibility between MIT Kereros and KTH Kerberos, and it's easiest for
me to patch KTH Kerberos (which doesn't see new versions very often) to
just do the same thing that MIT does.  So I'll happily use this code if it
makes it into MIT Kerberos, but I have a solution that works for me right

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