Multithreading the KDC server

Rahul Srinivas srahul at
Mon Mar 21 05:01:51 EST 2005

    At Novell, we are working on integrating MIT Kerberos with Novell's
eDirectory (Kerberos principals will be managed in eDirectory). The
following is an issue we are facing.

    eDirectory lookups are more time consuming than local database lookups.
Because of this and the fact that the KDC server is single threaded, the
KDC server's performance deteriorates under high load. To overcome this
problem, I am working on making the KDC server multi-threaded. In krb5-1.4,
though a large portion of the Kerberos libraries have been made
thread-safe, the KDC server remains single threaded. Have there been any
attempts to make the KDC server multithreaded ? If so, are there any
documents available which outline the approach ?


-Rahul S.

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