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Roland Dowdeswell elric at
Tue Jun 28 21:42:08 EDT 2005

On 1120007248 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Sam Hartman wrote:

>I think our position is that the current situation is not ideal and we
>would like it to improve.
>I do wish that kinit and friends had a version argument that would
>give you both the library and application version.

Something else that is quite helpful to do is:

	1.  change CVS to use a tag other than $Id$, e.g. $MIT$
	    so that it does not conflict with other projects when
	    they import the MIT srcs into CVS, and

	2.  define a macro, sort of like:

		#define MIT_RCSID(x)	const char mit_rcsid[] = x

	    The actual definition ends up being substantially more
	    complex.  Then one includes this in each .c file:


	    This allows ident to list the CVS versions of every
	    file which was used to build the binary or library in

On a side note, it makes sense to eliminate all usage of $Log$,
$Header$, $Date$, $Author$, etc. and only use $MIT$.

This is a little lower level than the original request, though.

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