Future of kerberised telnet, login, rsh, ftp?

Simon Wilkinson simon at sxw.org.uk
Wed Jul 6 15:20:46 EDT 2005

Douglas E. Engert wrote:
> OK, key exchange is needed, and is a general problem. Well where does this
> stand with regards to getting the OpenSSH people to add this?
> I know they know you have the mods, and that others would like to see it
> added. What type of community persuasion would it take to get them to add
> it?

I'm working at the moment in unifying a number of disparate versions of 
the key exchange patch set into a unified code base, and then seperating 
the code out into functional sets.

Once that work is complete, I plan on presenting a minimal 
implementation of key exchange to the OpenSSH folks again. At this 
point, it would be really useful if a number of people from the Kerberos 
community would be prepared to perform code reviews on the changes. 
Hopefully the I-D describing key exchange will be in, or past, last call 
by this point too.

I'll keep you all posted.



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