Krb5 and Crack?

Todd Zino tcz3 at
Mon Jan 17 11:34:09 EST 2005

I've been playing around with Crack 5.0 to do some testing on password 
complexity auditing in our K5 sandbox environment.

I've found I had to make some significant modifications to Von Welch's 
Kerberos 5 module for Crack to even get it to run with our 1.3.6 KDC (it 
was crashing on a null key struct at first), and am still having trouble 
getting it to properly match the default "no salt, k4 compatible" 
encryption type we run on our Kerberos servers even when I (seemingly) 
override the parsing and force it to use this type for the 
krb5_string_to_key() calls.

Has anyone gotten this to work successfully with their KDC? Is there a more 
recent modification than the one dated 3/25/98 that was in my 
sources/googling? Any sage advice of common pitfalls to getting a 
successful instance up and running with a custom krb5 environment? Let me 
know, even if it's some offline advice.



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