Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Tue Jan 4 02:06:03 EST 2005

Nicolas Williams wrote:

> Ok, so the hint will be used in FILE ccache file name generation?
> Right, that was the case in Love's original example.
> This answers my question w.r.t. krb5_cc_resolve().
> Of course, the hint won't be of much use unless there's an API to
> enumerate the available ccaches (like readdir(), I suppose :)

With the hint the application
specifies the non-unique portion of the ccache name and the uniqueness
is handled internally by the library based upon the type of ccache
being created.  The is no need for the application to be able to
enumerate the available ccaches.

The ability to enumerate the available ccaches is somewhat dependent
upon the type of ccache.  If we are using CCAPI, then there is a well
defined mechanism for obtaining the list.  If we are using FILEs, then
identifying the set of ccaches to enumerate is significantly more

> Yes, I get it now.  But what about ccache enumeration?

What about ccache enumeration?  Apps that have support for KLL or use
CCAPI can currently enumerate.  Those that do not; cannot.  The 
inclusion or exclusion of the hint within the krb5_cc_gen_new()
interface has nothing to do with ccache enumeration.

Jeffrey Altman

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