Feature Requests for 1.5 (or whatever)

Henry B. Hotz hotz at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 23 17:37:26 EST 2005

On Feb 23, 2005, at 11:16 AM, Ken Raeburn wrote:

> On Feb 23, 2005, at 11:45, Henry B. Hotz wrote:
>> 1a) Provide a way to import Kerberos databases from non-MIT sources.
>> 1b)  Provide a way to import specific Kerberos principals/keys from  
>> non-MIT sources.
> Would be nice to have, yes....

I'd think/hope that at least 1b) was fairly easy.

>> 2)  Provide a better credentials cache storage mechanism, more like  

[assorted intelligent comments elided]

I was careful to say "more like PAG", not "same as PAG", and I don't  
think I'm minimizing the problems.  I agree that adding hooks into the  
kernel is something to be avoided.  Since what I really want is  
infeasible all I can ask is for something better than the current  

But I see I'm really asking for several different things:

2a) Cache storage that goes away if you shut the machine down (or crash  

2b) Cache storage that is confined to a "login session" or something  
like it.  It should be "really hard" for my ssh session from home to  
interfere with the console session I left running when I went home.   
(Just changing an environment variable does not qualify as "really  
hard".  ;-)

2c) Ability to create a new cache storage context that won't leak  
permissions to its parent process(es).  Getting admin rights in one  
window shouldn't imply those rights for every other window on my screen  
if I don't want it to.
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