Feature Requests for 1.5 (or whatever)

Henry B. Hotz hotz at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 23 11:45:21 EST 2005

1a) Provide a way to import Kerberos databases from non-MIT sources.

The Heimdal hprop program does this for a number of sources, including  
MIT dump files.  There was even some discussion of how to extract rc4  
keys from AD recently.  The Heimdal dump format is documented here:  

1b)  Provide a way to import specific Kerberos principals/keys from  
non-MIT sources.

I'm thinking of small-scale import (e.g. of cross-realm keys) here.   
There's something inelegant about using a text password for the  
purpose.  Perhaps the keytab file format would work for this?

2)  Provide a better credentials cache storage mechanism, more like AFS  

The /tmp files are nicely cross-platform, but they make kind of an  
obvious target, and they stay around if you take the disk out of the  
machine.  Also having different scoping rules for AFS tokens and  
Kerberos tickets seems an invitation for security problems.

I like the chroot-like properties of the AFS PAG.  You can get into a  
new context, but you can't get out.  It's hard(er) for someone to break  
into a context.  Two separate logins to the same machine stay separate.
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