kadm5.acl 1.2 to 1.3

Tim Colles timc at inf.ed.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 13:20:06 EST 2005

Hit an interesting subtle difference with the use of *N in the
kadm5.acl file to refer to a previous wildcarded component when
moving from MIT Kerberos version 1.2.8 to version 1.3.4. On the
old version *1 for example would refer to the first wildcarded
component on the same line whereas in the new version it appears
to refer to the first wildcarded component in the file! This as
you can imagine caused an ACL line to break mysteriously. It could
be fixed by shifting that ACL line to the first line in the file
or by changing *1 to *2 (in our case) to step over an irrelevant
wildcard from an earlier line.

Just thought I would check if this was a deliberate change or an
introduced bug or whether we have missed something blindingly
obvious to anyone who actually knows what they are doing :)


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