building krb5-1.4 on hpux and solaris with native compilers

Arlene Berry aberry0364 at
Tue Feb 15 14:04:54 EST 2005

>From: Ken Raeburn <raeburn at MIT.EDU>
>To: "Arlene Berry" <aberry0364 at>
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>Subject: Re: building krb5-1.4 on hpux and solaris with native compilers
>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 22:41:43 -0500
>On Feb 14, 2005, at 19:58, Arlene Berry wrote:
>>Yes.  I don't have a Solaris 8 box set up at the moment but the man  page 
>>on Sun's web site indicates it supports the same options as 9.   Gcc isn't 
>>our favorite because we've found that you get unresolved  references at 
>>run-time unless you have the gcc libraries available or  force it to 
>>statically link one of them.
>Have you tried this recently?  I know it used to be kind of annoying in  
>this way, but in gcc 3 and the upcoming gcc 4 they seem to have  overhauled 
>a lot of stuff.  (I don't know if it works better with GNU  binutils or 
>with the native tools these days, though.)

We were last working with it in August.  On Solaris 9 the version of gcc was 
3.4.1 as that is what was available on  On HPUX 11.11 
it was 3.3.3 as that is what was available from HP.

>>Here's HP's info. on initializers:   
>>  It's  not 
>>100% correct as it says 11.25 and up supports +fini and +init for  both 32 
>>and 64-bit modes.  However, my patched 11.11 system says it  supports 
>>+fini and +init for both 32 and 64-bit modes and, after I  patched it 
>>today, so does my 11.0 system.  The +I option is available  on 10.20, 
>>available for both bit modes on 11.0, and available for  32-bit mode only 
>>on 11.11.
>Do you have patch numbers for the 11.x systems that I could add to our  

For 11.0 the ld and linker tools cumulative patch recommended version is 
currently PHSS_24303 and is what I installed yesterday.  For 11.11 the ld 
and linker tools cumulative patch we installed PHSS_30966 which was the most 
recent one at the time rather than the recommended version.  The current 
recommended version is PHSS_22535 which is still older than what we 
installed and may not have everything that is required.  The current most 
recent version is PHSS_30970.

For 11.11 we also installed PHCO_23702 which is a "cumulative header file 
patch for prot.h."  It fixes conflicting function prototypes in the header 
files.  I don't remember whether it was kerberos or another open source 
package that needed it.

>>Unfortunately, our unix systems are all on a development network which  
>>does not have external access but I would be happy to help in other  ways.
>If you're willing to try building some snapshots and patches, we might  be 
>able to work something out.  I've also written a test program which  should 
>exercise some dynamic loading and unloading (dlopen/dlclose) in  ways that 
>we didn't get to do much with the 1.4 code.

I can do that.  I attempted a fix using the HPUX 11 +fini and +init options 
last night that appears to have worked but unfortunately I had a subsequent 
build failure which I haven't had a chance to look into yet.  At first 
glance it doesn't seem related.

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