compiling 1.4 for freebsd 5.3 errors

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 9 14:19:29 EST 2005

Ah, yes, another configuration we aren't running in our offices, and no 
one seems to have tried our beta releases on.

Looks like FreeBSD 5.3 has updated their C library getaddrinfo 
implementation to comply with RFC 3943, without keeping any backwards 
compatibility for RFC 2553, which is what the MIT Kerberos code was 
written to.  RFC 2553 specified EAI_NODATA, and RFC 3943 dropped it, 
and it's not immediately clear to me which error should be returned in 
the "name exists but does not have an address" case, perhaps 
EAI_NONAME, especially since (as you can see) at least one system has 
already defined them the same.

I'd suggest you try sticking in this code into the header 
fake-addrinfo.h, in the neighborhood of line 200, where other missing 
macros are filled in:

  #if defined(EAI_NONAME) && !defined(EAI_NODATA)

Please let me know if that fixes the problem.


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