OpenSSH support for Kerberos Pass auth

Cy Schubert Cy.Schubert at
Sun Dec 11 12:02:35 EST 2005

In message <4395C012.6020701 at>, "Douglas E. Engert" writes:
> Wachdorf, Daniel R wrote:
> > Does anyone happen to know which version of OpenSSH first included
> > Kerberos authentication of user passwords (KerberosAuthentication and
> > KerberosOrLocalPassword options)?
>  might help.
> I see in the predecessor to OpenSSH, ssh-1.2.27  krb5 support, and
> "KerberosOrLocalPasswd". So it looks like most OpenSSH verisons should
> have had the support.

Prior to that a person could get patches. The FreeBSD port conditionally 
included the patches at build time.

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