Kerberos SFBZH at
Mon Aug 8 06:19:28 EDT 2005

If you are using the MIT Kerberos APIs they are the same for Unix and
Windows. The SDK is available as part of the KFW distribution.
They are not exactly the same. The exemple appl "simple" use two functions that are present in the Unix API but not in the libs provided in the KFW SDK distribution: krb5_gen_portaddr and krb5_gen_replay_name.
In fact, in the KFW SDK distribution, they are prototyped in krb5.h but not defined in the libs.

In simple/sim_client.c, the code calling these functions is preceded by the comment "/* THIS IS UGLY */".

the exemples "sample" and "gss-sample" don't use these functions and can be compiled using the KFW SDK APIs.

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