GSSAPI client on Windows SFBZH at
Wed Aug 3 05:12:04 EDT 2005

First, thank you very much for answering so quickly.

>Windows 98?! Better do what Jeff suggests. There may be issues
>with how the Kerberos lib uses DNS from Windows 98. But I would bet
>your problem is in not using gss_import_name.
That's interesting. I'm going to check out with gss-client.exe and gss-server.exe.
For the moment, I can tell that I can get any ticket I want with the command kinit on windows 98.

I have compiled my client on the pc36 (red hat 6.2). It runs to gss_init_sec_context and raises the same error. Even if Win98 migth have a DNS weakness, the problem here is different. I am still not convinced it is a network issue.

>> The call is as following:
>> majs = gss_init_sec_context(&mins, cred_handle, &context_handle,
>>     NULL);
>> cred_handle is the result of gss_acquire_cred which return min_status 
>> and maj_status at 0. I assume it has a correct value.
>> server_name is a name_buffer containing "server at pc36.DOMAIN.COM".
>What is a name_buffer?
Sorry about those "name_buffer". forget about it.

server_name is a gss_name_t created through the function gss_import_name called with a gss_buffer_t containing "server at pc36.DOMAIN.COM" and with an input_name_type initialized with GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE.

tocken is a gss_buffer_t initialized with  GSS_C_NO_BUFFER.


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