ccache using linux keyring

David Howells dhowells at
Sat Apr 16 07:03:37 EDT 2005

Ken Raeburn <raeburn at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> > The PAGE_SIZE limit on the keyring contents would limit a ccache to
> > approximately 1000 tickets.  Does that sound like it will be a problem?
> Is that ~1000 total entries in the key ring, counting each Kerberos ticket and
> the principal name for each ccache, and each AFS token (one per cell, though I
> vaguely recall hearing someone suggest per-server authentication, which would
> greatly increase this number), and whatever else is stored there?

The content of a keyring is maximum PAGE_SIZE; given you lose a bit for a
header, this gives it the ability to point to up to ~1000 other keys or
keyrings on a 32-bit system with 4KB pages. On a 64-bit system, this will of
course be more like 500 keys.

However, this hard limit is _not_ recursive, so theoretically you could have,
for example, a keyring that holds a thousand pointers to other keyrings, each
of which point to a thousand keys.

So you might want to arrange things thus:

 	Session Keyring
	  +---> Kerberos Keyring
		  +---> Realm keyring
		  |    	  |
       	       	  |    	  +---> NFS4 key
		  |	  +---> AFS key
       	       	  |    	  +---> Login key
		  +---> Realm keyring
       	       	       	  +---> NFS4 key
		  	  +---> AFS key
       	       	       	  +---> Login key

Note, however, that each keyring consumes a certain amount of the user's
quota and a certain amount of kernel memory resources, which is why there _is_
a quota.

> That could add up to quite a lot for some people, I would guess.  But if it
> filled, some sort of LRU scheme could evict some entries which are useless or
> would be easily re-acquired (say, any Kerberos tickets but your initial one,
> or any that are about to expire in five seconds anyways, or an older one for
> the same service and same flags but an earlier expiration) when more space is
> needed.  Wouldn't be ideal, but it might work.

Keys can be set to expire.

> For most people, I think ~1000 tickets is way more than enough....

I hope so...


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