Multithreading the KDC server - a design

Rahul Srinivas srahul at
Thu Apr 14 07:41:40 EDT 2005

    There are eDirectory deployments in which *each* replica contains more 
than 1 million objects (most of which correspond to users). I am 
collecting information on the actual deployment scenarios. I will post it 
on this list as soon as I get it.


-Rahul S.

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> I can certainly understand having a directory containing a single realm
> which is made up of more than a million objects.  When you deploy these
> directories, how is access to the directory replicated and deployed
> across the network?
> If I am a multi-national with offices in New York, San Francisco,
> London, and Prague, are there directory servers located in all offices
> or are you expecting all traffic to travel across the WAN to a central
> server?
> I ask this because it significantly impacts the discussion of the KDC
> load.  What is important is not the number of principals in the database
> but the number of clients which are going to be making requests.
> (Remember, services have principals but they never make requests of the
> KDC.)
> Thanks.
> Jeffrey Altman

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