Switching to Subversion

Ezra Peisach epeisach at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 7 10:49:20 EDT 2005

I have no substantial objection - but just want a clarification...
What authentication scheme do you envision?

Will the repository be housed on one machine, with svnserve access,
or will the repository be in AFS - and everyone works in that fashion?

(I know you have already indicated that you are not interested in using
the http methoidology)

For svnserve access - how will users be authorized & authenticated? My
reading of the svn docs imply for svnserve - you have two options -
CRAM-MD5 and ssh... For ssh - wouldn't all users need accounts on 
the server in order to execute svnserve?

The other option or putting the repository in AFS - would then 
decentralize the process - and would mean that the hook-scripts would
have to be carefully crafted to work at all sites...


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