interoperability of Kerberos client and server

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Fri Sep 10 14:49:07 EDT 2004

I'm not familiar with the java-side of things, but if it's an NT
implementation it's probably not too bad to make it work with UNIX.  If
it was a UNIX to an NT implementation then I believe it would be more of
a challenge.  Usually getting things to work with NT implementations are
challenging. :)



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Thanks, Derrick!

However, as far as my understanding about GSS-API, it is more like a
peer-to-peer implementation. If I want to stick to (or at most customize
"" - a JAAS plug-in module,
is this going to be a potential problem? From the source code, it is a
NT implementation and I am working on tuning it for UNIX one.

- Ying

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Yes, in most cases at least.  Kerberos is defined in RFC-1510 (and
RFC-1964 for GSS-API transmissions).  So, given that the client and
server developers wrote an RFC compliant Kerberos implementation then
all will work.

The "in most cases" comes in to play when you work on authentication
with different encryption types, and other "negotiated" mechanisms.  The
protocol implementation may be the same but they may or may not all
support every option within that protocol :-)

I've only been working in it for a few months, and most of my issues are
"Windows CIFS" based issues.  So I have to deal with GSS-API, windows
CIFS protocols, _and_ Kerberos all on top together.  So it's a little
more difficult. 

Hope that helps a little.


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Subject: interoperability of Kerberos client and server

Hi all,


I am new to Kerberos. This question may be stupid:


Q: Can a Kerberos client on Windows talk to a Kerberos server on UNIX or
vice verse?


Thanks in advance!


- Ying
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