krb5_rd_cred() ?

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Tue Nov 30 11:57:48 EST 2004

>I really appreciate all of your help, just so I understand the steps I 
>need to take next:
>Initialize the error codes for the kerberos libs.

Just FYI; if you're calling krb5_init_ets(), you shouldn't.  In the "old
days", you had to call this, but this is now performed by krb5_init_context().

>being reading in my configuration options and setting them

This is of course application-dependent.

>begin authentication with username & password as well as using my stored 
>config options to do it properly

Weeeelll ... this depends.  In the majority of "true" Kerberized applications,
you never deal with the user's password at all.

>do verification on ticket upon successful authentication
>store ticket information until user logs out

In terms of these items ... what exactly are you doing?  I think that
might help us figure out which functions you need to call.


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