Modifications to Kerberos internals

Venu Satuluri venusatuluri at
Sun Nov 28 23:28:54 EST 2004

Sorry for the late reply.

We intend to make a public-key cryptograhy version of Kerberos. There
is a quite a bit of literature regarding this, but I am not sure if
any scheme has been successfully implemented. (I would be grateful if
u could share any information regarding this). We want to implement a
bare-bones version (this is for a 4-month senior year project), and in
keeping with that we want to retain as much of the source code as is
possible. We intend to change the code relating to the message
structures, and the processing of messages by the various parties.

We spent some time examining the source code, as well as the rfc for
krb-protocol. Nevertheless, our project requires a better
understanding of the internals than the source code supplies. Still
looking for any such documentation.


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