Keytab entries in keytab

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Fri Nov 26 15:40:44 EST 2004

>>>>> "Durbin" == Durbin Ron <Durbin_Ron at> writes:

    Durbin> I notice that the key version number in the keytab is
    Durbin> stored as a single byte value.  However the in memory and
    Durbin> network size is 4 bytes.

Note that the code is somewhat clever in how it deals with the kvno
stored in the keytab in recent releases.  The code understands roughly
that the kvno in the file is the full kvno mod 256 and will try and
match accordingly.

    Durbin> Is there any future direction is the MIT project that
    Durbin> would correct this so the keytab file would store 4 byte

It will require a change to the keytab and thus coordination with
Heimdal.  We realize it needs doing but it is not a very high

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