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A good starting point is Kerberos: The Definitive Guide by Jason Garman, which is published by O'Reilly -- contains a lot of information about deploying Kerberos.


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Hello everyone.  I am a new member of your very interesting
academic site.

I have been so fascinated by the Kerberos system (just like Linux) such that I have chosen the topic for my dissertation for the Master of Science (Computer Science).  My topic is entitled "Prevention of ticket snatching in the Kerberos system".  I just need to compliment the existing security mechanisms already in place and therefore I have made my presentation to my supervisor on how I intend to do that.

Now I have connected 3 computers in my office to create a client/server  environment.  One computer is a client, another will be an authentication server and the third will be the application server.  In short I need to have a Kerberos session or system in place; get it running ad  then make my proposals/changes  on a running system.

I am seeking advise on how to install the Kerberos software on the computers to simulate a Kerberos environment.  I will be most grateful for any assistance out there.

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