Build problem krb5-1.3.5 gcc 3.4.2 glibc-2.3.4

Sonny Taberman sonny at
Mon Nov 1 03:47:57 EST 2004

Hi Ken.

Thanks for your input.
You was right about gawk.
I had setup my system to use utf-8 coding.
Gawk did not like that. So the result from gawk was not correct.
When I changed the system to only use iso8859-1 coding it all fell to 


Sonny Taberman
LAN-Master AB

--On fredag 29 oktober 2004 18.52 -0400 Ken Raeburn <raeburn at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> On Oct 29, 2004, at 05:05, Sonny Taberman wrote:
>> As far as I can tell everything is ok so far.
>> But when I do "make" I get this errors.
>> prof_tree.c: In function `profile_verify_node':
>> prof_tree.c:128: error: "PROF_SECTION_WITH_VALUE" undeclared
>> prof_tree.c:139: error: "PROF_BAD_PARENT_PTR" undeclared
>> prof_tree.c: In function `profile_add_node':
>> prof_tree.c:162: error: "PROF_ADD_NOT_SECTION" undeclared
>> prof_tree.c: In function `profile_set_relation_value':
>> prof_tree.c:617: error: "PROF_SET_SECTION_VALUE" undeclared
>> I guess I miss som package but what?
>> Any ideas anyone ?
> (kerberos at mit might've been a better list for this)
> These symbols should be defined in profile.h, which is generated by
> joining profile.hin and the prof_err.h file generated using awk or gawk.
> We're not using output redirection or anything like that for awk, so if
> you don't have it, that step should fail, and make should fail, and
> prof_err.h shouldn't exist so the next time you run make it should still
> blow out in an obvious way.
> Check your build logs and see if something strange happened in generating
> prof_err.h or profile.h.
> Ken

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